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Pregnancy is a process that evokes different emotions and sometimes causes lasting changes in mothers. Carrying a pregnancy to term and successfully birthing the child is a feeling that many mothers say justifies the challenges they passed through. If you are pregnant, especially for the first time, you may feel confused about what you can or must do before giving birth. Picking a special and unique name for your baby might be something you’re thinking about right now. But there are so many things to consider during pregnancy, and trying to figure it all out can be really overwhelming. That’s why you need a pregnancy to-do list as a guide. Here, you’ll find 13 necessary things to do before you give birth.

Get Medical Insurance

Childbirth in the US is quite unaffordable without medical insurance. It is best to get medical cover for your pregnancy. Thankfully, the Affordable Care Act requires all marketplace insurance products to cover pre-existing conditions. You can get them even if your pregnancy begins before you register for insurance. Choose an insurer with affordable premiums and partnerships. Carefully study the terms and conditions as they differ from one insurer to another. If unsure, approach a medical center or hospital and ask for recommendations.

Book And Attend Antenatal Clinic

Antenatal is essential for the safety of the child and you, the mother. You should find a doctor or midwife and register for an antenatal clinic. Don’t miss any clinic; ensure you go at the right time and do all you are asked to. Your doctor or midwife has more medical knowledge than you and could notice early signs of anything worth checking. If you see anything unusual, your antenatal provider should be the first person you contact. If you are moving from one city to another, ensure to get a new antenatal clinic and inform them of your previous experiences.

Stock Frozen Meals

Pregnancy sometimes causes cravings and increased appetite. If you cook yourself, it is often easier to stock up on frozen meals than prepare fresh meals each time you need to eat. Frozen foods are safe for you unless your doctor says otherwise. As you approach your estimated date of delivery (EDD), ensure that you don’t run out of food or other items you may need at home. Create a list and make the purchases early.

Know Your EDD And Prepare For It

Your antenatal clinic should inform you of the EDD months before. While physical preparations are essential, you should prepare yourself for the delivery. Childbirth is typically physically demanding; you need all the mental strength you can summon for it. Start by reading positive stories about childbirth and telling yourself you can do it. Shut out negative thoughts and focus on the bright side. Think of that incredible moment when you’ll have your little child in your arms.

Arrange For Emotional Support

Emotional support is a necessary arrangement that you should make before and after birth. Pregnancy causes hormonal imbalances that may result in mood swings. Many pregnant mothers experience a barrage of emotions ranging from irritation and anger to uncontrolled laughter. You do need someone to talk to for emotional support. Your partner can quickly provide that, but don’t hesitate to discuss it with others if you need to. If you are not with your partner, ensure to set up a support system to help you.

Hold A Baby Shower

Baby showers may be the most significant social invention for mothers preparing for delivery. A baby shower is a time to relax and receive gifts before childbirth. Planning your baby shower should not be stressful; you can find cute baby shower ideas from Greenvelope to make the day. Some people create gift lists and ask guests to suggest baby names. You could also use the occasion to announce the expected sex of the child. Put those cute baby shower ideas to use, and you’ll have your best time.

Speak With Midwives And Mothers

If you have concerns or want to learn more about pregnancy, many antenatal midwives and mothers will be willing to spare some time to talk with you. You can find communities of pregnant people and mothers online or in your local area. You may learn essential tricks and ideas to help you through pregnancy, childbirth, and childraising. Be careful with the information, though. Confirm things with your midwife or doctor before you try them.

Learn Preventive Measures And Care

Pregnancy is a delicate period that presents unique circumstances, though ordinary to many. Remember that your body system differs from others. You must learn preventive care and measures to keep you and the baby safe. Learn when you should switch to flat-heeled shoes, unsafe foods and supplements, and how to exercise right. This is especially important for you during your first pregnancy. Learn about your body and how it reacts to pregnancy and the environment.

Buy Baby Clothes And Items

If you have not purchased baby clothes, now is a good time. You can get baby clothes at your local store or online. Take advantage of vouchers and coupon codes to find discounts and gift items. If baby clothes are expensive where you reside, consider buying used clothes or traveling to where you can get new ones cheaper. Don’t forget the diapers, baby formula, and extra warm clothing.

Get Your Prescriptions

Pregnancy prescriptions are strictly ordered by doctors or midwife practitioners. Pregnancy is delicate; you should take your medicines right for a hitch-free pregnancy and delivery. The only condition to pause your prescription is if you have some adverse reaction. Stick with your supplements and take them at the right time.

Write To Your Employer Ahead

Although pregnant women and nursing mothers get paid time off work, you must inform your employer before childbirth. Most states set a 15-week window for pregnant people to inform their employers about potential maternity leave. Failure to do so might result in losing some benefits from your employer. Even if you inform management verbally, ensure to send an official letter through the right channel before the due date.

Create A Birth Plan

A birth plan is documentation of your preferences during labor and after delivery. You can choose what delivery method you prefer, where to have the birth, and even who attends the birth with you. Most choices are subject to the approval of the doctor or midwife. It is not compulsory to create a birth plan, but if you prefer to have one, your midwife would gladly assist. You can find birth plan templates online to guide you. If you have a partner, you can determine their involvement in the pregnancy and delivery stages. While this is a personal subject, preparing your partner for childbirth is nearly as important as preparing yourself. Discuss important issues with your partner to know how things stand.

Pack A Bag In Your Car

It is wise to pack at least a bag containing the necessary items for childbirth. As an option, you could pack two bags: one for the hours right after your baby is born and one for a stay in the maternity ward. Limiting strenuous physical activity or driving as you approach your EDD is often advised. You should also keep an emergency contact list if you get into labor outside the house.



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