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ReGen for Men contains the highest allowable concentration of the only proven hair-growth supplement that is FDA-approved: minoxidil. Application is simple and results can begin to show up within a few months of regular use. With that being said, the Holiday Season is fast approaching. If you are scrambling what to get him for the Holidays check out our review of ReGen for Men.

Why Dad’s Everywhere Need ReGen

ReGen for Men can not only regrow hair but it is able to slow down hair loss that has already begun. About half of all men suffer from male pattern baldness. Those who haven’t already had to deal with hair loss probably will face it some day. Virtually every adult man needs to make sure his hair will stay healthy-looking and full. Dads everywhere need ReGen for Men.

What’s Actually in ReGen?

Minoxidil is the only FDA-approved OTC (over the counter) product that treats hair loss in men. ReGen for Men contains the highest legal concentration of minoxidil at 5 percent, making it the only product on the market that provides such a high concentration. So many competing products either contain less minoxidil or add other chemicals that can block the effectiveness of this key ingredient.

That’s not the case with ReGen for Men, which proudly contains a full 5 percent solution of minoxidil and no chemicals that interfere with the active ingredient. In fact, ReGen contains a special enzyme that actually helps the minoxidil work to its fullest capacity and get hair growth restarted as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Minoxidil, discovered in the 1950s, is the only product that has been clinically proven to regenerate hair follicle activity. The chemical “awakens” the follicles and can increase blood flow to each follicle individually. As a result, damaged follicles come alive and begin producing hair once again. Also, follicles that are beginning to die are regenerated and enlivened. That’s how minoxidil can not only bring new hair growth, but also prevent further hair loss in men.

Will it Actually Work for Him?

All over the internet, on blogs, review sites, health/wellness websites, and in discussion forums, men are talking about their new, healthy hair growth made possible by ReGen for Men. The Men’s Hair Journal, Mom Skoop, and Supplement Hunter are just a few of the dozens of authoritative websites where actual users of ReGen for Men are speaking up about their incredible results.

A common thread in the comments by satisfied customers has to do with the increased self-confidence that comes with more, thicker hair. Also, users routinely point out that ReGen for Men works faster than competing products because its active ingredient is not watered down or blocked by filler chemicals. Everyone loves the free trial offered by Follinique, and time after time, men note how easy it is to use the product. There’s no mess, no hassle, and results arrive quickly.

Get Him Something He Needs, Today!

If you want to get the man in your life something he will truly thank you for, now and for years to come, visit the manufacturer’s website at purchase ReGen for Men. There’s a full money-back guarantee if for any reason you are unsatisfied. Plus, the makers of Regen for Men are offering a completely risk-free trial size for which you only pay a small shipping/handling fee.

Regen for Men is not sold in retail stores at this time. The only way to get it is via Amazon or ordering directly from the manufacturer’s site, where the free trial is also available. Why wait any longer to give the gift that really does “keep on giving”? ReGen for Men by Follinique is the answer to your man’s hair loss dilemma. Order today and give him the full benefit of thicker, better looking hair.




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