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One of our family’s favorite topics of conversation has become our friendly neighborhood squirrels. There are a couple gorgeous trees in our yard, and squirrels have made their homes in them since before we arrived.

We have had so many laughs while watching their behavior and recalling some of our favorite memories of them. A few years ago, we even had one who would, mindfully, toss acorns at us. Okay, toss isn’t quite the right description for the action. But we’re going to give the cute little squirrel the benefit of the doubt.

We’ve recently begun trying to catch them stealing sweet treat sips from the Humming Bird feeder. They are most definitely up to something! But what I didn’t realize until recently, is that they may be up to even more.

Did you know that these little cuties can actually cause havoc to your home? I didn’t. It wasn’t something that I even thought about when we became homeowners.

I had no idea that “an animal can cause lasting damage to your home and foundation. It can chew up electrical wiring inside your walls, destroy ducts, or damage critical drainage systems. On top of this, wild animals and rodents are frequently carriers of disease and could pose health risks to all occupants.”

Squirrel Damage to Your Home or Foundation

A squirrel’s smaller size means it’s more likely to find a way into your home via ductwork, your chimney, or a gap in your foundation.

The damage from a squirrel in your house could be significant. It could chew up the siding, damage wires, make a nest of babies in your basement, and spread disease.

Expect the level of animal damage to increase the longer the problem exists. For example, discovering a squirrel when returning to a seasonal summer home could mean you’ll have much more damage than if a squirrel got into your house while you were out for the day.

Check out the infograph below and find more information on what animals cause the most damage to your home and foundation here.

Featured image by Tessa Wilson on Unsplash


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