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Spending quality time outdoors and escaping our day-to-day routine is liberating for both our body and mind. Everyone starting from psychologists to scientists agree that a breath of fresh air and cold breeze are great treats that can keep us sane and in line with our stressful, fast pace of living. For example, take weekend camping. Yes, it takes a lot of effort, especially if you have small kids, but the payoff is great in the long run. Not only does everyone benefit from a mental break, but there are endless options to experience and try new things.

Nature offers a dynamic, changing playground for you to explore and observe. However, it’s always good to plan a few activities that will keep you occupied, engaged and freed from the feeling of boredom. What’s even better is that most of these activities don’t require extra equipment or baggage to take with you, so they are easily manageable. Here are some great ideas on activities to try when you’re camping outdoors.


This is the classic outdoor activity that is very easy to plan on your camping trip. The advantage of hiking while camping is that you can choose to do longer, difficult hikes while carrying less equipment. After all, you have your campsite as the main “base”. If this sounds too challenging, you can always try moderate, relaxed hikes to simply explore the area and enjoy the landscape. Choose a defined destination such as climbing the closest top or getting to the nearest stream or lake in order to avoid getting lost or roam around. Remember that even on easy hikes, you should always bring water, navigation device and some protein energy bars to keep you energized on your breaks.


If you are lucky to camp far enough from the crowded city than you can definitely do some good stargazing at night. This is a great, calming evening activity when you can learn the differences between stars and planets, identify constellations or just look for falling stars.  The key to a great stargazing experience is to coordinate your stargazing evening according to the phase of the moon. A bright, full moon will illuminate the night sky and you won’t be able to see the sky and constellations in their full appearance. However, if the night’s not favorable for exploring the night skies, you can always watch an episode of your favorite sitcom or check the popular game releases if you are a fan of online games. Speaking of the night sky, falling stars and games, check this Starburst slot review. Starburst is among the top favorite online slot games inspired by the galaxy and cosmic space. It will definitely catch your eye with its beautiful and shiny design and graphics.

Before you go out, make sure to pack everyone’s favorite snacks and drinks so you can relax and have fun throughout the night. If you are close to your camping area or house, bring extra blankets and pillows to create a cozy space where everyone can curl up. A pair of binoculars would make a great addition to the gazing sessions, so don’t forget to take them with you. Also, there are various interactive maps and apps online that rotate and change in order to show you which objects are visible at which period of the year. Search and download one of them in order to be familiar what’s going on up in the skies.

Build a campfire and make S’mores

Learning how to safely build a campfire satisfies our natural curiosity and teaches us probably the most important survival skill. If the kids are around, they can help by gathering branches, rocks, small pieces of wood and leaves, as long as they are supervised and don’t get too far from the camp. Storytelling around a campfire is an activity that goes all the way back to the dawn of man. If you’re not good at telling stories and being inventive, tell about an event that has happened to you or people you know. As for the s’mores-these sweet and sticky treats are must-haves on the campfire menu. The classic fire-roasted marshmallows between cracker squares are everyone’s classic favorite. For a twist, try replacing the chocolate milk candy bar with chocolate mint patties – you’ll definitely love how mint and marshmallows combine together.

An escape in nature is a great opportunity to unplug and relax. Try to reconnect with the beauty of the world around and gain a deeper appreciation of the environment. This is a fantastic idea for couples, friends or families to get closer, bond and make incredible memories, cause after all – those are the only things that count. These are just a few of the hundreds of options for what to do when you’re spending free time outdoors. Make camping a part of your vacation plans during the year and enjoy in the company of your loved ones and the beauties of nature.


Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash


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