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This body shape calculator will successfully manage to inform you what body shape you are. It is amazingly simple to use and understand and has a guide on how to accurately measure your hips, waist and bust. This information is required to accurately calculate which one of the few body shapes you have. You can choose imperial or metric to act as your measurements, depending on which one you are more familiar with.

How to Measure

What is great is that you only have to measure out three different body parts in order to find your body shape and it is not particularly difficult to do. All you require is a tape measure and possibly someone to give you a hand to get the measurements spot on. Make sure you keep a straight back when measuring everything or your results will be skewed, and you may be placed in the wrong body shape category. When measuring your hips, you are instructed to place the tape measure around the widest area of the hips. This is essentially the boundary of your hips you need to measure. Make sure to act natural and not to breathe in because these measurements need to be as accurate as possible for it to calculate the correct one. With the waist, you only need to measure the torso at its narrowest area. This is usually located just above the belly button and is probably the easiest one to measure. Finally, to measure the bust you need to place the tape around the fullest point. Enter all of these dimensions into the calculator and you will get an instant result.


There are five different outcomes on this body shape calculator which are all pretty simple to understand.

Apple – When the waist is significantly wider than the hips and shoulders

Pear – When the hips are significantly wider than the shoulders

Banana – When the shoulders, waist and hips are all the same width near enough

Strawberry – When the shoulders are significantly bigger than the hips

Hourglass – When the waist is significantly narrower than the waist and hips

Why it is Important to Know

There is no such thing as a better or worse body shape as they all differ and have their own advantages. However, it is important to know which of these you are because it can be a useful piece of information to know. For example, knowing your body shape can help you pick the right clothes to wear, allowing you to filter out the best ones for your body shape. Pretty much all types of clothing have a body shape that suits them better so you can improve your style by working out which body shape you possess. Additionally, knowing your body shape is important if you are thinking of working out. If you are deficient in a particular area, then you can work on gaining some muscle in that region and have a more defined body. Your body shape is part of your personality and you should embrace it in the best way possible. Use Hop over here to find out your body shape in a matter of seconds.


Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash


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