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When birthdays come around, it’s natural to want to share them with loved ones and friends. But quarantining can mean spending that time apart. It is especially important, during this time, to help the birthday person feel loved, as well as provide confirmation that you’re thinking about them and wishing them well.

While nobody wants to spend their birthday stuck in quarantine, below are some ideas to make it a time of happiness and to show how much you care.

  • Personalized Face Mask. Your birthday friend or loved one doesn’t have to don a boring blue face mask any longer! Get them to smile with a cute face mask. Choose a whimsical holiday-themed mask or one that is custom designed just for them, based on what they like.
  • Customized Box of Goodies. What are some of the things they like to do? Throw in some comics, microwave popcorn, chocolate truffles, a pair of fuzzy socks, a mini-puzzle, paint by numbers and just about anything that strikes their birthday fancy.
  • Egift Card. Give them the gift that gives again! They’ll thrill at receiving an egift card that can be used at tens thousands of retailers, and they’ll love the anticipation of receiving their item – delivered safely and quickly right to their doorstep. They know what essential is most desired, likely better than you, so empower them to buy and feel fortified in the gift.
  • Video Game(s). Playing video games together while apart is a great way to spend some birthday time! Games like Mario Kart and Animal Crossing allow for multiple players and friendly competition.
  • Elegant Glassware. Happy hour doesn’t have to die when you’re quarantining, help your beloved celebrate their birthday (and just about any other day) in class and style with a crystal tumbler, hand painted wine glasses or even sumptuous champagne flutes.
  • A Subscription Box. These nifty little boxes are all the rage – choose anything and everything from wine, chocolates, fruits, jewelry, intimates, mysteries, pasta, and so much more. You won’t necessarily have to commit to a yearlong subscription, most companies offer increments like 1, 3, and 6 months, also.
  • Loungewear. When you’re quarantining, it’s all about the comfort. Gift them cozy, soft pieces that they can wear just as easily around the house as they can to bed. Choose from items like joggers, robes, slippers, pajama jeans, and loungewear sets.
  • Sweets. While it may be traditional to share a birthday cake with loved ones and friends, it’s quite possible they’ll appreciate not having to this year! Send them homemade or delectable store bought goodies like donuts, brownies, cookies, scones or even go-for-the-gold with an extravagant birthday cake in their favorite flavor.
  • Cold Brew Coffee Maker. Much more than simply icing up regular coffee, cold brewed coffee lasts longer, tastes better and, let’s face it, is a bit more elegant. Perfect for a coffee change of pace and will be exceptionally well received.
  • Inspirational Daily Planner. If your birthday beloved loves graphs, lists, and planners, they’ll love to track their progress with daily and future goals, appointments, gratitude, and moods.
  • Colorful Fine Point Pens. There’s something extremely gratifying about using a ball point pen. How it glides across the paper with ease. Perhaps the only way to top this experience is by gifting these pens in different colors! They can use it with their inspiration daily planner to color code their personal and professional schedules.
  • A Bouquet of Edible Fruit. Even better than flowers because an edible arrangement can be eaten! These bouquets are made up of cantaloupe sticks, honeydew, grapes, pineapple, chocolate-covered strawberries, and more. All arranged to resemble the quintessential celebratory arrangement.
  • Customized Scented Candle. With so many scents available in this world, it’s hard to go wrong. Give some thought as to what your birthday friend loves – is it hiking through the woods? The ocean? Or maybe a house filled with the aroma of baking cookies. Whatever it is, you’re sure to find a candle that exudes the scent that makes them melt.
  • A Temporary Tattoo. The only limit here is your creativity! Choose from designs that cater to folks who enjoy floral, animals, landscapes, Henna, word quotes, and more. Brownie points if you get a matching tattoo!

It may not be as celebratory as planned, but choosing the right gift for your friend in quarantine is a great opportunity to explore creativity and shower them with warmth and love.


Photo by Danilo Batista on Unsplash


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