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Types of Bloggers

Blogs! Blogs! Blogs! Everyone is talking about them. Every media station or platform seems to follow the trendiest blogs. Even analysts get a large portion of their data or insight from blog reports. There must be something pretty special about these things. What’s even more interesting, everybody seems to be blogging these days! Well, maybe not everyone but almost everyone with a laptop and a voice.

The thing is, people, relate to bloggers because many give a personal perspective on their topic. It’s pretty cool because almost every genre has a blog following. Food blogs, travel blogs, fashion blogs, medical blogs and so many more are among the many in existence. If you’re in an industry or business and don’t have a blog, you’re missing out on some of the biggest opportunities and possibly clients in your industry.

Blogging Basics

Bloggers are not only business building professionals. Many of us are simply people with something important to share or discuss with other like individuals. Everyone doesn’t blog for the same reason. Whatever your reason, you should feel invigorated about the chance to share your insight or platform with others. What are you gaining from your blog? Is it personal gratification, supplementary income, industry contribution or something different? Bloggers dominate a significant portion of content that individuals read daily. People rely on bloggers to keep them up to date on the newest trends, best tasting foods, new music, celebrity gossip, parenting tips, and the list goes on. There are some bloggers who had no idea they were blogging until they were deep into the game. You’re wondering how that could possibly happen, right? Let’s see what everyone is blogging about. Keep reading.

Incidental Bloggers

I’m sure you’ve encountered a life-altering event or traumatic occurrence in life that changed you forever. No matter how hard you tried or how much time had passed, you just couldn’t talk to anyone about what had happened. The only outlet you could trust was between you and a pen or laptop. You started to express your frustrations, anger or sadness through words and before you knew it, you were blogging. Sharing small excerpts from your writing on social media was how it started. People begin to respond and relate to your circumstances. You honestly had no idea that so many others had experienced situations similar to yours. As time passed, people begin to look to you to share more about your story. You became an overnight inspiration to others through no intent of your own. In fact, you were seeking an emotional outlet and ended up being an incidental power source for others. Mom, you are now a blogger! That’s right. Everyone clings to your words and an entire community of like individuals eagerly await your next post.

Business Bloggers

As an entrepreneur, you constantly seek ways to grow your business. Marketing experts suggest that all businesses, especially small businesses should blog. This is how you stumbled upon life as a blogger and it’s been a straight and narrow path since you started. Businesses build success and increased clientele through blogs. People rely on certain businesses to give them insightful information about things going on or changing in the industry. As a business owner, talk to your clients to find out what topics interest them, what questions they have and what motivates them. Take their answers and blog about them. This adds a personal touch to your business and helps to depict the personality behind the CEO or company owner. Blogs help to generate more traffic to your business websites and could potentially increase your revenue.

Travel Bloggers

The travel industry has become quite lucrative. There is a rise in the number of independent travel agents and not to mention, families that travel. This also means that more and more people are hitting the road, friendly skies, ocean waves or train tracks to reach their destinations. What’s one of the first things people do when they travel? Snap that selfie to say so long and post it to social media. Some people post pics of every event, food spot and hotel they visit. Eventually, a simple trip has become a travel blog. Frequent travelers who like to share their journey are often coined as travel bloggers. They give an up-close look at other cities, states and countries are like. Many people rely on the information and pictures of travel bloggers to choose their vacation spots.

Wedding Bloggers

Décor, flowers, colors, bridal gowns, grooms attire, and everything wedding is on your list of favorite things to do. This leads you to one of the most exciting journeys of all, wedding blogging. Brides, planners, and consultants turn to blogs to get their ideas and inspiration. It’s an exciting and rewarding blogging opportunity. Social media, brides and wedding sites are constantly seeking info regarding the biggest wedding trends of each year. Wedding bloggers provide this information from a neutral place. They update their blogs with the best pictures, centerpiece ideas and much more. It’s the passion for weddings or happily ever after that inspires most wedding bloggers.

So, there you have it. People are blogging about almost any topic imaginable these days. The best part of it all is that others are reading it and they want more! Blog about what makes you happy. It’s even okay to blog about the sad points in your life. Blogging can be a career, therapy, a passion or just something to do in your spare time. But most importantly, it should be rewarding and give you a feeling of excitement.

What do you like to blog about?

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