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Sometimes students are asked to complete descriptive essays about their families. Such papers are generally written for school. This simple assignment is useful for the development of the child’s communication and writing skills. It is vital to learn to describe objects and people professionally. An essay on family is the best exercise for a young person to describe his relatives from different sides. Appearance, character and family relations are generally depicted in the essays of this kind. When you need to compose an absorbing and uncommon essay about your family, you can follow these helpful guidelines.

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First Stage: Prepare for Writing

  • Collect Information about Your Family

You cannot start projecting your essay if you have not gathered enough facts about your relatives. We can recognize our parents, brothers and sisters easily; however, it is difficult to describe their appearance in detail when you do not see them. Thus, look at the members of your family attentively and make notes about their specific features. Mention their eyes, hair, complexion, figure, etc. These facts will be used for the successful description of their appearance. Secondly, you ought to think about the traits of the character of every relative. Doubtless, everyone has his own temperament, behavior, and habits. In addition, you can analyze the relations between the different members of your family. Sometimes, daughters are closer to their fathers, children to their grandparents, etc. This information will make your presentation deeper and more colorful. You can even make several psychological portraits of your parents and siblings.

  • Make an Outline

Although an essay is a short assignment, you still need to plan it logically. Make sure that you divide the entire paper into several paragraphs. Every paragraph should be devoted to the particular subcategory. For instance, start your essay with a fascinating introduction that will make your readers interested in your text. The following paragraphs belong to the main body of your essay. In this chapter, you will need to describe your family in accordance with the categories you wish. You can start with the appearance of every member, continue with the spiritual side and finish with the relations, hobbies, pastimes and various engrossing and indigenous episodes of your life. The final part of a family essay is its conclusion. Summarize your description professionally to make your reader possess positive memories about your text.

  • Prompt:

Communicate with your parents and grandparents in order to learn about any amusing and uncommon events from their life. Accumulate facts through communication.

Second Stage: Start Writing Your Family Essay

  • Prepare a Good Introduction

Readers generally pay more attention to the introductory section of every written paper; thereof, try to impress your audience with a high-quality and gripping exposition. Say why have decided to describe your family. Mention a funny or thrilling episode from your life to emphasize your uncommon life in your family. If you want to make your essay sound greatly, imagine a thesis statement that will reflect the general idea of your narration.

  • Start the Main Body of Your Essay

The primary paragraph of the main section of your paper should start with the enumeration of the family members you are going to describe. Then, write about the appearance of your parents, grandparents and siblings. You can focus on the detailed description of their complexion, eyes, hair, height, figure and shape. Next, it is reasonable to dwell on their temper, character and behavior. Remember that such elements can be described only through the authentic situations from the real life. For example, when you say that your grandfather is a coldblooded and decisive person, prove it. Provide the reader with a solid argument that will demonstrate that your grandfather’s temperament fits to your description. The presentation of your family’s pastime, hobbies and occupation is very considerable. Your relations with your parents and siblings are often revealed through the simplest minor everyday situations. Furthermore, such descriptions will make your essay even more engrossing and captive.

  • Conclude Your Family Essay

The last part of an essay serves the role of a summary. Enumerate the most genuine and newsworthy descriptions and say whether you appreciate your family. Do you like your family? Would you like to change something in your everyday life? Are there any problems that require solution?

  • Prompt:

Write about every person in a separate paragraph. It will be easier to read your well-organized essay.

Third Stage: Proofread Your Essay

  • Read the Text Attentively

The most compelling and splendid essay can be spoilt by grammatical and stylistic errors. Try to reread your paper several times and correct it carefully. If you have many similar adjectives in your descriptions, substitute them with synonyms. Your text should sound fluently and clearly.

  • Insert Photos if You Wish

Sometimes, it is useful to improve your essay with the photos of the family members mentioned in your description. The essays of this kind look better when the reader can compare the verbal description with the actual photo portrait.

  • Prompt: Ask your friends to read your essay with a fresh eye to detect the omitted errors.

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