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Doing yoga should become a routine and a lifestyle. The benefits of this healing and relaxing activity have been well-known for centuries. It is especially beneficial for modern people who are constantly under stress and therefore exposed to diseases and illnesses, like cancer for example.

Depression is a common illness that a lot of people suffering today. It is defined as a dark cloud of unhappiness that prevents us to feel true joy. Practicing yoga can help you fight depression and even beat it. It can also prevent different health issues and help you stay healthy and fit.

Benefits of yoga to your health

Healthy people are happy people. That is a well-known fact. Yoga can help you stay healthy and energized, thus happy and satisfied. Yoga helps you become strong. By doing yoga you develop strong muscles. This is not only beneficial for your good looks, but can also help prevent muscle dystrophy and arthritis in old age. When you go to the gym and work out, your muscles lose flexibility, while yoga helps them gain flexibility and also boost your agility.

If you sit for too long and are inactive, you will probably have bad posture. This can cause back, joint, spine and bone problems. Different yoga poses can help you improve your posture and stand perfectly straight. And they also do magic for your spine. If you do asanas with sit-ups and a lot of twists, you will keep your spinal disks flexible and well-balanced.

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The amount of oxygenated blood in your body will increase if you do yoga because you will start breathing properly. That will make your cells and your body more energized. Your circulation will improve and this will prevent heart and kidney problems. So, by practicing yoga you can prevent heart attacks. By draining your lymphatic system, yoga helps you boost your immunity. This way, your body can fight diseases and detox in a natural way.

If you suffer from hypertension or want to prevent it, you should try doing Savasana yoga that helps stimulate the 26 points in your body that control the blood pressure. If your adrenal gland is secreting too much cortisol, your brain function can deteriorate and you can easily develop depression and other forms of hormonal imbalance. If you do yoga regularly, you can prevent this.

The King Dancer and Lotus poses can help you fight depression. By decreasing the levels of cortisol and increasing the levels of serotonin, yoga can help you fell happy and cheerful and your problems with depression will be solved. Other benefits from doing yoga are that it can lower the levels of cholesterol and blood sugar. It also increases the levels of insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar. This can prevent diabetes and kidney failure. It can also boost your memory, brain power, focus and intelligence.

Combine yoga with other exercises and supplements

You should combine yoga with other exercises and other forms of physical activity. Healthy food and supplements like Legion Phoenix in combination with yoga make an affordable formula for longevity and a perfectly healthy lifestyle. Yoga is a holistic activity and can help you achieve balance of body and soul. You will be able to fight stress and stay positive and motivated.

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Try running for about an hour and then doing yoga in nature. You will feel purified and reborn and the natural surroundings will help you relax even more. Consider changing your diet and eating healthy. Do not skip your breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day. Try not to eat fast food and other unhealthy foods but enjoy some fruits and vegetables instead.


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    ever since i started yoga my life has drastically improved.

  2. I love yoga benefits. Coincidentally, Today I learned even more about the “instant” benefits of body positioning on the mind! Body-mind connection right?

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