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Summer is often known as a season for relaxing, exploring, and creating new memories with loved ones. If you have kids, it is a time where you likely see them more times then you do any other time of the year as they have a relatively long break from school. This can be something to look forward to, however, you may worry about what you can do to keep them engaged. Outside of having fun, you may be thinking about ways to ensure they keep learning throughout the summer break. If that’s the case, you’re in the right place as you’re going to find three ways to make learning fun this summer.

Educational TV

When kids happen to be home for the summer, it isn’t uncommon that they may spend a lot of time in front of the TV. There are different opinions regarding what amount of time is appropriate for kids to spend in front of the TV, however, watching television definitely isn’t all bad. You could decide to research a number of educational programs, family-friendly movies and documentaries for your kids to watch during the summer. In addition to this, it’s a great opportunity for family time as you could watch them together and discuss your feelings as well as thoughts afterwards. Some benefits of watching TV for kids include providing valuable family time as mentioned above, educational benefits, as well as inspiration.

Reading Challenge

Seeing as balance is essential, you should ensure that in the mix of activities that the kids get up to during the summer, reading is somewhere on the list. Although reading isn’t every child’s favorite activity, it is one that has numerous benefits. You can encourage reading by getting your kids to create their own book list based on their interests. It may also be a good idea to organize trips to the library as well as provide incentives for every book that they’re able to finish successfully. Some benefits of getting your kids to read include an increase in vocabulary, quality time with you and that it provides an opportunity for them to learn about the world.

Extra-Curricular Activities  

Getting your kids to engage in extra-curricular activities this summer is another way to make learning fun. If they attend a school such as Oakleigh House School in Swansea, then they’re likely to already have been engaging in activities like trips to local museums, galleries, as well as a range of other activities before and after school as well as during lunch time. You could consider continuing such activities by taking them to galleries and museums they haven’t visited before. Perhaps also try new activities with them as a way of creating special memories.

Teaching kids that learning can be fun is something that you can do from home. Summertime happens to create the perfect opportunity to teach this lesson, so beyond the ones mentioned above, consider exploring other educational activities with your kids. By doing so, the transition from the summer holiday back to school should be a piece of cake.


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