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Pressuring your kids to be better than other children isn’t always the best choice, and can lead to anxiety, a lack of self-confidence, and stress. You need to encourage your children to strive for excellence, not perfection. Praise your children when they perform well and put hard work into achieving different accolades, and comfort them when they fall short of winning. All consistent effort made by your child should be praised and congratulated. When setbacks happen, remember to tell your children that you’re still proud of them no matter what, and you’ll be there to support them and offer guidance. Teach your children to be optimistic and to take failure as a means to learn from mistakes and continue to be determined.

Find The Ideal School

Before sending your children to school or a new school, consider whether home-schooling could be a viable option for you. If your child has been severely bullied in the past and dislikes school as a result, then you might want to think about educating them from home and with the assistance of learning tutors. However, if you’re keen to help them socialize and learn with the support of teachers and learning assistants, then make a list of all the schools that enjoy academic success and a history of outstanding education standards, such as Charterhouse Square School located in the heart of London, United Kingdom.

Ask Them How They Are

Quite simply, ask your children how they are and what makes them happy. If you notice that your child has become quiet or distant just recently, then it’s your responsibly to find out why. Many young children have difficulty expressing exactly how they’re feeling or don’t want to talk about what’s making them sad, so get to the point using gentle techniques of persuasion and tell your child that you love them and want to help them.

Give Them A Helping Hand

If your child is struggling to perform at school, then dedicate some time aside at home to go over the topic they’re having trouble with. If it’s reading or writing, then tell your child that you’re going to work through the difficulties together and read every night. If they’re unsure how to approach basic numeracy, then make an effort to teach them the rules of addition and subtraction. Doing this not only helps them in school but also strengthens your bond with your child and shows them that you care about them and support their learning.

Teach Them To Build Relationships

Kids need to interact with other children and adults from a young age. This is so that they’re able to develop their interpersonal skills as well as their social capabilities. Teaching your kids to share is hugely important, as they begin to understand how others feel and how kindness can be shared around and passed on. Building empathy should be on your list of priorities, so take toddlers to classes with other toddlers, make them wait their turn to play with toys and encourage them to play happily and gently with others.

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