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pool party
We’re finally headed into the warmest of all the summer days – which means a lot of fun pool and water activities are in our future! It sounds so relaxing and fun, doesn’t it? Grab your swim gear and head outside for a day of splashing excitement, right? When it comes to your pool party essentials, however, that can get tricky. What items do you need? Where can you find all of them? Is it going to take a lot of time to make your list and purchase everything?

The good news is, you don’t need an overabundance of items for a great pool party, and you can pick them up in one quick trip to Walmart.

Grab our 5 pool party planning essentials for an afternoon that’s focused on fun!

1. Refreshment Essentials

One of the first things our little guest always need are refreshments. We keep a good supply of iced drinks, snacks and fruits.

cold summer drinks

  • Fill a cooler with ice, toss in your favorite drinks.
  • Fill a large bowl with freshly cut fruits. We love bananas, strawberries, and watermelon!

2. Bathroom Essentials

With all of the added guests, you’ll need to stock up on more than just delicious treats. This is may be the last room you think of when inviting all of your kid’s friends over for a pool party. But it’s also the last place where you want to run out of essentials. Keep your bathroom stocked with Cottonelle Mega Roll to ensure an afternoon where no guest runs out of that oh-so-important party essential! This year, we stocked up with Cottonelle Mega Rolls to help avoid a mid-party trip to the store.

Visit your local Walmart and grab Cottonelle Mega Rolls so you never run out this summer!

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Don’t forget the hand soap!

3. Pool Essentials

Toys and ridiculously awesome floats: Kids are great at using their imagination and having a lot of fun in the water without toys. But it’s fun to provide a few pool toys, pool noodles and a few floating rafts and balls. Despite toys, you can add to your pool floats and inflatable accessories, which will ensure your kid’s safety and fun time. You can create personalized pool floats in the shape of your kids’ favorite fruit or animals and give them joy while swimming in the pool.

Sunscreen Don’t forget your favorite sunblock! We keep a good supply on hand at all times during the warmer months. Make sure you have enough to go ’round and share generously.

4. Poolside Essentials

Towels: You can never have too many towels and adorable chairs. Keep a few extra on hand for guests that forget their towel at home, or for the one that gets thrown into the pool. Or, is that just at our house? The awesome thing about pool towels, you can usually find a great price on smaller swim towels and keep bonus on hand for party days.

Cottonelle Mega Rolls: Say what? Yes! Believe us, they come in so handy for dabbing eyes that have gotten water into them, runny noses and any scrapes that may occur during all the fun. You’ll thank us later!

5. Entertainment Essentials

Waterproof Speakers: Have you seen these? How fun! Grab a pair and turn up the volume for a little added ambiance to the laughter and chatter of your party.

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Had you heard of grocery pick up at Walmart? We streamlined most of our party-planning by ordering several essentials online with Walmart. We enjoyed the convenience of making a quick trip to pick up our groceries and head back home for our afternoon of splashin’ and sun. It’s made shopping so much easier when you know exactly what you need and you need to just quickly pick the items up and go!


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