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Decorating your home can be such a fun experience. All you need is some creativity to make your room inspired. You don’t have to be an interior designer to create a beautiful space in your home. It is best to let your personality shine through. Don’t pick a design because it looks right; pick what feels right for you. This is your home, and it should be a reflective of who you are.

Here are some tips for decorating your home and make a unique space.

1. Pick a Color Scheme First

Don’t just pick a single color to base your room around. It is best to select a few colors, in a scheme. For example, purple, silver and black play off well together. Orange, blue and white look superb together and can be quite eye-catching. You can even pick a color scheme for the entire house and base the whole house of it. You could do grey, green and blue with different shades throughout the house and add furniture according to shades to make it look an organized theme. If you are unable to find the inexpensive furniture to match the color palette, you can try furniture rental services to keep the cost minimum.

2. Map It Out

Are you looking for unique wall decorations? Maps are easy to find and are easy to frame. They make great pieces for nearly any room of your house. Select a few local ones; you can tea stain them for a touch of antiqueness.

3. Don’t Forget the Windows

Your windows need decoration as well. Drapery is an important factor in adding drama or unique features to the room. In some rooms, you may want to pick vertical blinds or other light blocking window covering to block light. There are some great drapes available on the market. They don’t have to block out the light; sheer curtains are a night option to add depth and color to a space.

The one room you don’t want to cover the windows is the sun room. In these rooms, embrace the name and let all the light pour in. It brings the outside in.

4. Lighting is Important

You need lighting in a room, especially if sources of natural light are lacking. Light makes a space seem larger and open. It can also change the feel and atmosphere of a room. Recessed lighting is gaining popularity for rooms such as the kitchen. Dramatic lighting fixtures are focal points for rooms; hang one over your dining room table. Place a few table lamps in the social rooms.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Color isn’t your enemy. Don’t be afraid to make splashes of color throughout your home. White doesn’t have to be the only option for walls and rugs. Pops of color throughout your house adds to the appeal. If you are worried about making your house too colorful, try adding some fun and colorful throw pillows. Put a bright vase with colorful flowers on your dining room table each week. Little pops of colors throughout a room creates warmth and atmosphere.

6. Go Round

Rugs are a given for most homes that don’t have wall to wall carpet. Instead of getting the classic rectangle rug, round rugs can open up your room. They add an interesting touch. Round rugs tend to make rooms look larger than they really are, so place them in a smaller space.

7. Embrace Patterns

Whether floral or plaid, patterns are not your enemy. There are plenty of ways to incorporate patterns into your room design. Floral patterns look great as throw pillows or as curtains. Go DIY and re-upholster dining room chairs with a new pattern on the cushions. A comfortable throw blanket in light, plaid tones brings warmth and style to the area.

There are so many awesome ways to decorate your home. Whether you prefer light or dark tones, you can incorporate your personality throughout your home in little ways.

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