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As the school year begins, homework, assignments, and deadlines come along. Children have to be organized. For some kids, organization comes naturally, while others have to work a little harder to maintain a schedule in which they get everything done in a timely manner what we call Time Management. A few days ago, I was talking to one of my friends about the same topic. I liked a few of her suggestions like setting an alarm clock, giving them the responsibility to take care of the time, etc. I added a few from my side and here is the post ready for you ‘7 Homework & Time Management Tips’

1. Give them some Me Time: Once again, like I said in the Open Conversation post, I would stress over the need of giving them Me time. After they are settled, had lunch/snack then start a conversation about classwork/homework.

2. Get organized: Set a routine. Using an alarm clock is a good option. For young kids, you can set the clock (divide the time into parts). For older kids, they can set a time for each activity. Take it as an opportunity to teach them time management. Schedule a regular study time. You can also create a homework calendar. For Elementary school kids, parents can help them in filling up the calendar. My daughter loves to fill out her activities on the calendar. Later, she reminds me to wipe it off once that event/activity is done.

3. Take breaks: Even for adults, taking breaks is always advisable during their working hours. It replenishes & refreshes the brain.

4. Extracurricular activities play a major role: They really do. They work as a relaxer. Sometimes motivator too. Kids finish their work well in time so that they will make it for the class.

5. Keep the workplace tidy: Set up a homework-friendly area. Have you ever wondered how come a teacher manages to keep and handle the entire student’s stationery? If you have noticed, they have designated bins/trays/baskets for each of their stationery. That helps the student in finding their material. Cluttered tables do not give good results. Make it a weekend project & work with your child in cleaning up the shelves, tables. When your child is in a need of an eraser or a sharpened pencil, s(he) should know where to find it. It has been seen that more than half of the study time just passes like that in finding and gathering stuff.


Break large projects into small chunks: This could be an ideal option for older kids. If they have an assignment due in 3 weeks, encourage them to set weekly goals. This way they will not be overburdened and their assignment will be done in time.

All these above points are directed towards our last point:

7. Talk to them about the importance of following deadlines: Teach them not to wait till the end. Finishing up the homework before time is an accomplishment. They can spend the rest of their time doing some other work they like.

Homework is an important part of a students’ daily routine as it helps to consolidate what they have learned in class. Whether it is homework or regular study time at home, it doesn’t need to be a big deal every day. I hope you found this ’7 Homework and Time Management Tips’ post helpful.

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