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For a lot of educators, campus and classroom are like a second home. They spend many hours there – including evenings, weekends, and early mornings. Having a sweet supply of personal and luxury items can help your child’s teacher as they journey through the school year. Here’s a list of all our faves and ideas for a Teacher’s Survival Kit.

Remember, your child’s teachers are some of the most important people in their lives – let’s remind them how much we appreciate all that they do.

Teacher’s Survival Kit:


The most essential part of a survival kit – is the container. I prefer a container that can be organized with a variety of compartments. A well divided and closable tote makes a great container. But so does a Caboodle or craft organizer!

teacher survival kits caboodle

teacher survival kits craft organizer

train case makeup case teacher survival kit

The container can be absolutely anything you want it to be! Try to keep the teacher’s personality, decorating and organizing style in mind when deciding on this part of the kit.

Items to Include

Deodorant: We’ve all done it! We’ve all walked out of our home without having used our favorite brand or way of staying fresh all day. Not sure what type your child’s teacher may use? You can always include a gift card for their favorite personal items such as this or others below.

Travel Razor: I hate those “How did I miss that line of hair?” moments! Be sure to check school policy when adding this item.

Dry shampoo: Because busy mornings happen. This helps.

Teacher's survival kit

Not sure what to get or short on time? Grab this ready-to-go kit! This pocket-sized survival kit filled with emergency essentials to gift to your favorite teachers is a great way to start the school year.

Mints and gum: Send a quick text or email to the teacher asking their favorite mints and gum. These are great pick-me-ups!

Cough drops: I never seem to have one when I need it! I’m glad others pack this and have it – your teacher will appreciate it as well.

Gas relief: I never think of this, until I need it!

Pain/Head ache relief: Find out what type of otc pain reliever your teacher prefers. One tiny bottle is all you’ll need!

DayQuil, ZICAM, Cough Medicine: Great to have on hand when you feel that tingle coming on!

TUMS: An antacid is great to have on hand, always!

Sunscreen: Some days on the playground or field trips are a bit brighter than others! This will come in handy when your teacher hasn’t had the time to lather up at home.

Lotion: Find out your teacher’s favorite brand and scent – to make this extra special!

Hand sanitizer: I’m sure all classrooms have it – but a personal backup is a nice touch.

Disinfectant spray and wipes: The school year runs through every major season: flu, cough, and cold! This is a must!

Breath strips: For the moments you don’t have time to step aside for a quick brush!

Instant coffee: Because adulting is hard. Coffee helps. Keep teacher stock with their favorite coffee or tea!

Mouthwash: For that extra clean feeling!

Travel toothbrush kit: Your teacher may spend a couple of meals at school each day but not want the food or flavors to linger all day. For

Nail kit: Make sure it includes a file, clippers, tweezers, and scissors.

Band-Aids: This is not only a great backup item for teachers – but classrooms in general!

Stain pen: Breakfast, lunch, snacking and crafting can be messy!

Facial towelettes: What a refreshing item when the day gets long.

Lint roller: Messy crafts or class pets may have you grabbing this often.

Chocolate and sweet treats: Because.



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