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A fellow blogger recently posed that question. My questions and comments (out of genuine curiosity!) stirred up a storm.


Now I find it strangely ironic that many people who want to “take the road less traveled ” and not have you judge or discriminate against them often do that very thing to you because you are more mainstream! I am NOT against homeschool, private schools or public schools. My aunt homeschooled during the middle school years. I attended both private and public schools. Everyone has his or her own unique set of circumstances that sometimes DICTATES a choice. Some merely WANT to choose another option. And that’s OK!!

However, it is NOT ok to be mean if my opinion/choice differs from yours. It is also NOT ok to homeschool if you aren’t qualified to teach or are not truely passionate about teaching. We have all had teachers in traditional schools WITH TRAINING who may know math but CANNOT teach math. I guess that is where Co-ops come into play. What’s worse is the kids I saw in high school who wanted to drop out but weren’t of legal age…they would suddenly be “homeschooled” until that birthday passed. Again.. Not ok.

For the many of you who do it well, I applaud your discipline and dedication. I think it can be an awesome choice. It just happens not to be mine. Why? If I am honest it is not only because I am lack that unsupervised discipline and enjoy the freedom I have during school hours! I have been raising a atleast 1 child of 4 since 1987!!! We also have a really good public school.

But that’s just me and my opinion. What are your thoughts on homeschooling?

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