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One negative aspect of writing about your life for all to see is that every once in a while, you will receive comments from strangers (or friends) that will annoy, contradict, or degrade you. The internet did not create negativity. It’s just a new medium that people use to spew their hatred.

One would think that most of the time, negative comments come from political or religious posts. For some reason, parenting brings out the nasty side of people as well.

The problem is that everyone thinks they know the right way to parent.

Other parents will think you are too strict with your kids, and others will say you are too lenient.

If you work outside the home, the stay-at-home moms will judge you. If you stay at home with your kids, the working moms will mock you.

People will blast you for overscheduling your kids, sending them to public schools, or allowing them to watch inappropriate content on TV.

Others will label you as a helicopter parent, a lawnmower parent, as being too involved, or not concerned enough.

And God helps you if you write about anti-vaccines, homeschooling, and co-sleeping. You’re just asking for trouble with those topics.

What do you do when you receive negative comments? You only have a few options. Let’s discuss them.

Delete (or Edit) Negative Comments

You could consider deleted or editing the negative comments that someone leaves on your blog. Immediately use this tactic if someone writes something perverted or inappropriate about you or someone in your family. Don’t forget to block them from making additional comments as well.

Respond to the Comments

Your knee-jerk reaction may be to fight fire with fire. If someone calls you a name, you may want to revert to your 11-year-old-self and name call as well. Honestly, it could be kind of funny if you respond with a, “oh yeah? So’s your mother!” You could diffuse the situation by bringing humor to it. This type of reaction is especially fitting if that is the personality you portray on your blog.

Perhaps you should consider responding with a thoughtful explanation of why you disagree with your readers’ opinion. You have created a public forum with your blog. Are you afraid of exchanging ideas? Maybe blogging isn’t for you then. If you want constant public affirmations, perhaps you should post your content on Facebook to an intimate group of family and friends.


Sometimes ignoring is the same as responding. Sometimes people’s comments are so inane and poorly written, that calling them out on it would just be cruel.

Mommy bloggers are a tight-knit group. Perhaps your friends will respond for you if you ignore the Debbie Downer. It’s fantastic to see who has your back in your time of need.

That’s it! Those are the three things you can do if you receive criticism regarding something you wrote. You can delete, ignore, or respond.

Here’s an idea that may blow your mind: maybe you shouldn’t discourage negative comments. Here are some reasons why.

Perhaps your reader is right.

No one wants to admit this, but maybe you used faulty logic when expressing your opinion. Perhaps the studies that you referred to were outdated, or the information that you presented as “fact” is untrue.

Maybe you did over-share your family’s problems in the quest to be completely transparent in your blog. If someone calls you out on this, perhaps they are right. Granted, some of your readers may not present their ideas with tact and consideration.

Perhaps your reader is trying to help.

Another thing to consider is that some people can’t listen to any complaint or comment without offering advice. They may not even think they are inconsiderate or rude. They may feel as if they are helpful in trying to fix your problem.

Yea! You have readers who care enough to comment!

Finally, perhaps receiving comments, negative or positive, are signs you have made it as a professional blogger. After all, you want people to read your blog, right? If your comments are turned on, that means you are promoting a public forum. Honestly, I’ve never understood bloggers who are aghast when readers disagree with their viewpoints. What did you think blogging was going to be?

Think hard if you are considering starting a blog to earn extra income. Are you able to handle a back-and-forth discussion with someone who contradicts or disagrees with your ideas? Are you going to be able to handle someone offering criticism on how you parent? Will receiving tons of unasked for advice drive you crazy? I hate to break it to you, but if you answered, “yes” to those questions, then maybe blogging isn’t for you.

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