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The Radio Flyer 2-in-1 Journey Wagon is one of my top picks for this year’s Holiday Toy List. It’s versatile, easy to store and transport – and the kids love the different seating options.

Having a 2-in-1 Journey wagon comes in handy whether you have one, two or three children in tow. The versatility allows the bigger kids to pile in when the seats are folded down or we can bring the seats up and safely buckle the two-year-old. It give him a place to comfortably sit and feel like a big boy with his own seat and cup holder. I like that this model also has cup holders on the front of the wagon for my water bottle, smoothie or coffee.

When I was a youngster, I had a Radio Flyer Wagon as well. I loved my wagon! It served as a vehicle (I would make my brother and sister push it from behind while I steered it with the handle), I used it as a “pioneer wagon” where I made bricks (which were actually just globs of mud), and it was a tent once I stacked outdoor furniture and plastic swimming pools over it. My fondest memories were of my mother pulling my siblings and I in it as we walked (she walked and tugged and pulled) to Grandma’s house.

The children have enjoyed playing with Radio Flyer 2-in-1 Journey Wagon, riding it in, pulling their younger cousins around the yard and using it for trips to the library. Imagine it loaded with books! I think Savannah feels very much like Matilda walking down the sidewalk with a wagon full of books behind her.

It’s also great for toting items (and kiddos) around during trips to the playground, park, amusement parks, festivals, fairs, etc…

The The Radio Flyer 2-in-1 Journey Wagon features:

  • 2 wagons in 1-seats fold up or down for a comfortable ride or maximum hauling capacity
  • Seatbelts for added safety,8.5″ quiet ride tires
  • 4 cup holders for easy access to drinks and snacks
  • Extra-long handle folds over for easy storage
  • Extra under seat storage


You can snatch up your Radion Flyer 2-in-1 Journey Wagon on Amazon!

Bloggy Moms received the Radio Flyer 2-in-1 Journey Wagon for review. All opinions are our own.

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