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The Best Mother’s Day Gifts That You Don’t Have to Wrap

“I didn’t grow up in a life of privilege. I grew up in a very rough neighborhood in East Los Angeles. This woman drove me three hours a day to a different school to show me a different opportunity.” That was Leonardo DiCaprio’s tribute to mom, Irmelin Indenbirken, during his 2016 BAFTA acceptance speech for winning Best Actor for “The Revenant”.

Paying Tribute To Mom.

While the rest of us won’t have the same opportunity that Leo had to shout out to the whole world how much we love our moms and are thankful for them, there must be a thousand and one ways you can acknowledge her dedication and commitment as a loving parent for you. If you still haven’t made up your mind about what to gift for mother, here are 10 ideas that don’t need to be boxed up and tied with a ribbon:

Spa Getaway.

It is the ultimate break and treat you can gift to a mom who keeps thinking about other people in the family and loving you 24/7 without fail, and hardly puts her interest — even go on days with messy hair — just to see you through. Get her nails done. Let her enjoy a relaxing massage. The premium treatment can last for a few hours or, if you got the extra bucks, make it an entire weekend, but you’ll give her the same effect: me time, finally.

Overseas trip.

Give her the gift of experience. Fly out, just the two of you, so you can enjoy the exclusive company of your mom. Bond non-stop from take off to touch down. While you’re at it, how does a cruise sound like?

A movie date.

Watch a funny movie together and keep laughing your hearts out. Keep hugging her throughout the duration of the film and whisper to her ear how much she is being appreciated and loved — then, laugh again and again. If there’s nothing good showing in theaters then, find something on Netflix and just enjoy a funny old movie at home, perhaps something you’ve watched together when you were little.

Dinner by the Bay.

Catch the summer breeze over a candlelit dinner and maybe a bottle of wine. If the strings are playing, go on right ahead and dance with her. Take plenty of selfies with all the beautiful lights and the sunset in the background.

Fix the broken sink.

Be your mom’s handy man for a day. She will appreciate you fixing stuff around her old property. You’ll feel good doing so because those little fixes will make her life more comfortable at least for another few years, hopefully, before those things get broken again.

Cook up a barbecue.

There’s none that can come close to a home-cooked meal. Gather the rest of the family together and put on a festive spirit. Play board games and reminisce the old times at her patio. Don’t forget to clean up before you go.

Drive her to her hometown.

This next gift for mother suggestion is guaranteed to put a smile on her face. There is something magical that you can expect to happen as soon as your mom steps foot beyond that road next to the welcome marker where she grew up. All sorts of memories of beautiful, enjoyable childhood years come alive all of a sudden. Be generous to lend an ear to listen to stories of old. Be prepared to be warped.

Wash her car.

At her age, you can’t blame her for keeping an old, dusty car. Well, she can’t wash it herself, and she doesn’t have the patience anymore to wait patiently for her car to get washed either. That doesn’t mean she cares less about her baby. Give it scrub then, take it for a spin with her on the passenger’s seat. Maybe take it to a drive-thru and order for two.

Sign her up for a cooking class.

Have her learn a new skill to keep her mind and her social relations active.

Give her the gift of music.

Teach her how she can access the soundtrack of her youth by accessing it on Spotify or YouTube. Perhaps, you can even get her hooked on podcasts about something she finds interesting.


Moms can be annoying at times but, there will always be more reason to love them. Show your mom you do by keeping her company this Mothers’ Day.


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