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Welcome to our newest Faves Pick! This one – is interesting – to say the least.

If you have followed me for the last ten years on social media or have met me at one of our conferences – you know that I LOVE coffee.
So, there was no hesitation when I received a collaboration email for the Vitamin Friends Coffee Gummies. What? Coffee and gummies together? It sounded yummy!

They were a little different than what I expected. I imagined them to be darker in color – you know, more of that coffee look. I also thought that they would have a just-brewed-coffee aroma. But neither of those were true! Which isn’t a bad thing.

Vitamin Friends Coffee Gummies

They are very light in color and the scent reminds me more of the coffee-extract-syrup we used to make specialty milkshakes when I was much younger and worked at an ice cream chain.

Also, they are coated with a sugary-type substance – which tremendously adds to their flavor.

They’re actually little gummie bears – if you can see that. So you might, at first, think that they’re a sour version of gummie bears.
But they’re not – at all. They have a very strong coffee taste to them. Though again, it reminded me a lot of the coffee extract we used to make ice cream treats.

The label says that they are to “Boost Energy & Mental Awareness”. Since I drink a lot of coffee throughout the day – I did not take that full amount. I actually took one or two from time to time as more of a treat and I never took more than maybe 5 per day.

So, for me, I didn’t really use it to boost energy – more of an item that might keep me away from the cookies, and pies that I bake too much of.

Vitamin Friends Coffee Gummies

This bottle comes with 60 gummies – so if I did 5 per day then it would last me just under two weeks.

Now, I don’t take them every day – but I will purchase another bottle once this one is gone. Because like I said, for me it was a nice little treat that helped curb my desire to raid the cookie jar.

Right now, I see that it is about $21 on Amazon.

I enjoyed them – they’re a fun little treat that was only for me.

So, what do you think? Let me know if the comments below! Are Vitamin Friends Coffee Gummies something you’d likely try?


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