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Feeling like you just can’t take a good picture? Well, it’s all in your head. Seriously.

The secret to a great photo – is all in your head and the way you tilt it.

The Secret to Being Photogenic – It’s All In Your Head Tilt

The quickest and easiest way to improve how you feel about your photos is by changing up the way you position your head.

Think back on all of the red carpet appearances you’ve watched – celebrities are moving with a purpose and positioning themselves with purpose. Moving their head toward the camera – and each, angling their head into their favorite position.

Give it a try.

Pull out your phone and selfie stick (because distance matters):

1. Move your head toward the camera. (Pushing it forward to eliminate the disappearing chin line)
2. Lower your chin
3. Tilt your head to your “best side” (Play with this to find what YOU like best.)

The tilting softens any unflattering shadows and helps to bring out the jawline which slims the overall look of our face.

Do you know which side is your best side? According to a study by Wake Forest University, you may likely prefer your left side. For me, this is true!

So, I want to know – which side do you prefer?

how to be photogenic BM

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